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Changxin Group was incorporated on November 5

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Address: Changxing Century New City, Yezhou Town, Jianshi County, Hubei Province
12th floor of building 4

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备案号:鄂ICP备08005228号 Enshi Changxin Construction Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. Record number: Hubei ICP No. 08005228

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Changxin Group was incorporated on November 5

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On November 5, Enshi Changxin Group was established with a registered capital of 200 million yuan. Mainly involved in real estate development and sales; municipal, water conservancy, highway, building construction general contracting; engineering consulting; agricultural and sideline product planting, processing, and sales; hotels, restaurants, accommodation and tourism services; building materials sales; construction machinery and equipment rental; automobiles and parts Sales; car leasing; car beauty and other business scope.
Changxin Group is a diversified group of companies. Under the leadership of Chairman Hu Hu, the team has the cohesion and adheres to the business philosophy of "survival by quality, development by talents, and win market by reputation". We will carry With hope, work hard towards the set goals.